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Hi, I’m Jen

A Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Lifestyle Expert and Intuitive Energy Healer. My hope is inspire you to detox your life & love the skin your in through Plant Nutrition + Lifestyle + Energy

jen dowdican

 this program we begin to align all 3 releasing non-serving beliefs, energies and implementing nutritional and lifestyle practices for optimal healing.


jen dowdican

Living toxin free and nourishing my body and soul inspired me to share what I know and what I do. Check out all the latest.



Sharing all of my favorites from supplements to non-toxic household products that are safe for you, your family and the environment.

My JOurney......

What I’ve learned in this beautiful chaotic life is that there are no shortcuts to healing.  You really have to make the decision to put yourself first. It will be uncomfortable but it will be worth it.  The deepest channels for healing are in those moments that you can sit with the pain and realize that you’re going to be ok. I PROMISE!!  I understand the mountain that you are climbing, believe me, but keep climbing because not only does it lead to to a beautiful view, it also leads to happiness, peace and enlightenment.