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3 Energy Clearing Rituals For Your Home

energy clearing

I have arrived at a destination of awareness-an awareness of the energy surrounding me. I am certainly more sensitive to it than I used to be and I realize that the energy of others can affect me personally as well. Another element that we must consider is the energy of the environment that we spend most of our time in-our Home. In order to have Spiritual balance and raise our vibration we must consider this space. Our home should be welcoming and a place of Peace and that is why it is essential to cleanse the energy.

A familiar practice for many of us is the ceremony of Sage smudging. This practice is a Native American ritual used to cleanse Spirits and negative energy. Benefits include:

Removing negative energy

  • Raising vibration
  • Improving mood/emotions
  • Inviting in your Spirit Guides/Angels

White Sage is commonly used for smudging. I love this White Sage Kit from Sarimoire. Be sure to smudge around your body as this can clear your energy, your Aura and make you feel more grounded.

Smudging is easy and I always recommend doing a short meditation or prayer beforehand and set an intention. Follow these simple steps:

  •  Open some windows if you wish as sage has a strong smell.
  • Have a smoke proof container ready for when you are finished.
  • Light the thick end of the sage bundle and immediately blow out the flame so that there’s a light stream of smoke
  • Start in the corners and outer perimeter of your home and move the smoke in and up and down motion
  • Once you have completed the outer areas/corners move to the middle of your home/room.
  • Once you have completed be sure to smudge around YOU!
  • Place bundle in a smoke/fire proof container and allow to burn out






Who isn’t obsessed with Crystals?! They certainly add a mystic and spiritual vibe to any space in your home but the energy of crystals can actually remove negativity and raise vibrations. One of my absolute favorite crystals are Amethyst. Amethysts have a high frequency and release negative ions which can clear energy. Other amazing crystals to consider are Black Tourmaline & Smoky Quartz. All of these absorb negative energy and can raise your sense of well-being. Be sure to recharge your crystals every so often by placing them out in the sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. Crystals are beautiful and inviting and if you don’t have any, jump on board because they will change your life!

sea salt

Are you surprised to learn that Sea Salt can cleanse negative energy from your home? Well it can! Not only is it beneficial when cooking because it is loaded with essential minerals but as a bonus, you can start using it to clear unwanted energy from any space. I love this brand of Himalayan Pink Sea Salt. There are some simple options when using sea salt: 

  • Fill a small spray bottle with warm water and 2 tbs of sea salt
  • Replace lid and shake so salt is incorporated
  • Lightly spray the mixture throughout your home
  • Another option is to sprinkle small amounts of sea salt in the corners and window sills of your home or you can place small bowls of salt in these areas. I have cats so I prefer the spray method. 

Your home should be your sanctuary. It should have a kick-ass vibe that invites Peace, Love & Abundance. These practices will for sure set you on that journey. Try them out and let me know how it goes!

Cheers to your best life!



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