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How I Stay Grounded

How I Stay Grounded

I think it goes without saying that most of us feel the chaotic energy of our present time. If you’re an empath like me, then you are probably drowning in it. Sometimes it can feel impossible to find balance and inner peace so it’s essential that we find practices or rituals that ground us and truly resonate with our Soul. So how do I say grounded?


Grounding ourselves just means that we are connecting energetically with Mother Earth. One of the easiest practices to do this is by walking barefoot on the ground or grass. This is referred to as Earthing. For me, this practice brings a sense of peace and calming and is one of my favorite ways to reconnect. Remember being a kid and running around barefoot in the grass? It was the best feeling!! Being an adult doesn’t mean we can’t have those experiences. In fact, we should have them.


  • Start by standing or walking barefoot and focus on your breath
  • Visualize an energy stream coming up from the earth and into your feet. See this energy stream flowing up through your body and up to your head. If you are familiar with the Chakras then picture the energy flowing through the chakras and creating balance.
  • Practice this ritual for as long as you like and enjoy the benefits


Seriously, this is one of my favorite rituals. Throw some epsom salt and essential oils in a foot bath, sit back and relax. A foot bath is a peaceful way to connect your root energy to the earth. The salt helps balance your energy and strengthens the connection. As an additional bonus, this also helps remove toxins and is quite relaxing. You can indulge in essential oils like Lavender for relaxation & Peppermint for reducing inflammation.

Check out my favorite Foot Bath and Epsom Salt.

Gardening is good for the Soul!!! Getting down and dirty in the soil is very grounding. Working with the dirt and planting is a perfect way to balance energy and connect with the Earth.

In Ayurvedic medicine, eating root vegetables is very grounding. So be sure to plant some carrots, beets, yams, parsnips, & onions. Who doesn’t love root veggies?!

If you’ve never experienced any of these rituals then you are in for a serious treat. You will, without a doubt, feel the magic. Try them out and let me know what you think!

Cheers to a healthy life!


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