My Go-To Immune Boosters

Well…….. I think it goes without saying that now, more than ever, it is essential that we take care of ourselves and make healthier choices. If we’ve learned anything from Covid-19 it’s that we need to be more mindful about spreading germs. But we also need to keep our immune systems at optimal performance. Adding immune-boosting supplements will make you a powerhouse for fighting off viruses. It’s always important to pair that with eaten healthy and getting proper sleep.

“Knowledge is essential to healing.”

Anthony William
Medical Medium

ZINC SUPREME by Designs for Health

When it comes to your immune system, Zinc is a superhero. This little gem supports our cells in fighting off viruses and infections. In lozenge form, zinc can prevent viruses from attaching to the mucus membranes. Meats, legumes and some seeds can be high in Zinc but I always recommend a supplement form during virus season. I love this ZINC from Designs for Health!

LIPSOMAL C by Quicksilver Scientific

In my opinion, Vitamin C is an essential staple just like toothpaste. It is so powerful against viruses and infections that it’s also being used in hospitals through IV delivery. As a result, IV vitamin C allows for higher doses to help patients recover quicker. But what makes ‘liposomal’ different? Liposomal form allows for higher absorption in the body with less known side effects. You can check out my favorite liposomal C HERE.

D3K2 by Quicksilver Scientific

Welcome to sunshine in a bottle! Research has found that pairing D3 with K2 improves absorption as well as bone health. Absorption of D3 is so important especially during flu and cold season, not to mention lack of direct sunlight. This power couple will help strengthen your immune system and can improve energy. I always recommend checking your D levels with your functional doctor or practitioner so that optimal dosing is recommended. Be sure to get 15-20 minutes daily of natural sunlight as well. I love this D3K2 from Designs for Health.

IMMUNOBERRY LIQUID by Designs for Health

This is one of my favs and I highly recommend it! Immunoberry liquid is packed with immune boosting ingredients such as:

  • Elderberry
  • Mushrooms
  • Astragalus
  • Wild cherry bark
  • Beta gluten

These ingredients are some of the most powerful soldiers against illness. Elderberry has been clinically proven to shorten the duration of colds and viruses. Mushrooms such as Shiitake & Maitake show great value in boosting the immune system as well as preventing cancer. Check out this healing syrup HERE.

Check out my DIY Elderberry syrup HERE.

GLUTATHIONE by Quicksilver Scientific

If you haven’t heard of Glutathione then today is your lucky day!! It is perhaps the most powerful antioxidant available. As we age, our body’s ability to produce and metabolize glutathione slows down dramatically. Glutathione boosts the immune system as well as detoxes our liver and cells. It is a powerhouse against oxidative stress. I love the delivery of this Glutathione liquid spray from Quicksilver.

It’s important to understand that not all supplement companies provide quality products. Many products have fillers and harmful ingredients and very little of the benefits are even absorbed. I will always recommend quality companies to you and to my clients that care about what goes in their products. Also, it’s very important to work with a practitioner who is knowledgeable and can make recommendations based on your personal needs.

Be sure to check out my other Tips to Boost Your Immunity. It’s essential to have a daily ritual that supports your wellness and I’m always here to help!

Cheers to your best life!


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