Take Time To Pause…

Sometimes my mind is a busy little bee. I get so flooded with thoughts and ideas that I feel like I need a lifeguard! ~insert laugh~  Can you relate? One thing I’ve learned is if we stay in a constant state of stress we become symptomatic. This is why taking a pause for self care is essential. 

One of the greatest lessons of my life was learning that if we lack self love, we miss out on on a magical journey filled with purpose. This message was well received after living with chronic illness. I’ve been the classic “people pleaser” most of my life. So, what did I do? I took it personally. I allowed it to mutilate my self esteem and this created a domino affect of me spiraling into illness and anxiety. 

I am happy to say that after a few rock bottoms, I have had my awakening. I came to realize that the most important person in my life is ME! What a blessing!

In a recent Clubhouse room, we honored Mother Gaia. The world around us is so beautiful and yet we take her for granted. Being out in nature, wrapped in her arms gives me the “mental pause” that I so need. 


As a Holistic practitioner, sometimes I desperately want to help others see the importance of taking a pause. Many of us don’t learn this until after a major health event, so it is my honor to share my journey and hopefully inspire others so that they can live the life they so deserve. 

Find A Way to Unwind.......

I mentioned getting out in nature and one of my favorite ways to unwind is through grounding.  Imagine a simple act of walking barefoot on the earth creating inner peace and balance. Trust me it works! Another winner for me, as you can see above, is meditation. The benefits are endless:

  • stress reduction
  • anxiety reduction
  • sleep support
  • immune support
  • digestion support

Just to name a few. If you haven’t meditated, give it a try! Lastly, I want to encourage you to set healthy boundaries and learn to say no! The is a key player when it comes to taking a pause and creating balance. 

It’s always an honor to share my journey with you all. Always feel free to reach out for support. Leave a comment below and let me know how YOU take time to pause for self care!



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