My Favorite Hydration Essentials

There is this misconception that if we drink plenty of water, then we are hydrated but it goes so much deeper than that.  It gets intricate when it comes to electrolyte balance as well as the quality of water that we drink.  Don’t even get me started on bottle water!  A high percentage of people actually have micro plastics in their body from bottled water.  Many bottled water companies fill their containers with tap water so a great deal of the time you are being misled which I find criminal.  You can learn more about quality water at EWG.org through their tap water database as well as products. 

When it comes to quality water systems, we could get into a complex conversation but for now I will just say that I love the Berkey System which is very affordable.  We have one and love it! The average American family spends between $3-$4k per year on bottled water and when you weigh that with the Berkey, which costs an average of $400, there is no denying the smarter choice. Lastly, before getting into some of my hydration favorites,  I always recommend glass bottles to store water in the fridge or to fill for personal use.  I love the Ello Glass Tumbler for on the go!  There is also the option of the Yeti

What is hydration........

Hydration is not only the absorption of water but also the balance of essential trace minerals and electrolytes in our cells.  Our body, as you know, is mostly water and in order for our organs to function at optimal capacity they need this balance.  Water is also needed to support the elimination of toxins from the body. 

Trace Mineral Drops is one of my go-to options which offers 72 high absorption ionic trace minerals.  This company holds high standards and offers other supplemental options.

Nectar is a great powder option that comes in a few flavors.  Lemon and berry are my two favs. Nectar was developed by scientists and doctors and can be used on a daily basis. 

Pique Btox Foundation has been a daily beverage for me and I love it! Their hydration powder aims for deep hydration and nourishment for our skin.  It contains hyaluronic acid and ceramides. It’s Non GMO, vegan and gluten free and tastes delish!

I love to change it up with the Basis variety pack.  Their powder is very low in organic cane sugar and monk fruit.  They also use sea salt which I love!

Share your favorites with me!  I would love to know. 




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