non-toxic hair color

Non Toxic Hair Color

Ladies and gents!! Non-toxic options are available if you choose to color those grays or change things up! It’s ok to get sassy once in a while! But it’s not ok, to continue to color your hair with traditional dyes. Did you know that the chemicals absorb through your scalp are endocrine disrupters, hormone disrupters and cancer-causing? It’s not worth it!


1. Formaldehyde
This common preservative is used in hair dyes and has been linked to cancer and fetal damage in utero.

2. p-Phenylenediamine
Also referred to as PPD, this is the most commonly used chemical and one with the highest health risk. It has been linked to lung and kidney problems and bladder cancer. A 2001 study showed that those who dyed their hair once a month had an increased risk of bladder cancer and this risk increased the longer hair dyes were used. And surprisingly, this was more prevalent the darker the dye was.

3. DMDM Hydantoin
This preservative is a known immunotoxin and has been restricted for use in Japanese cosmetics.

This chemical can be combined with hydrogen peroxide to create bleach. When inhaled it can cause respiratory problems and asthma.

5. Coal tar
This known cancer-causer is in the majority of hair dyes.

6. Resorcinol
This chemical is very common in various types of hair dyes. Studies have shown that it can harm normal hormonal function and elevate sex hormones, which wreak havoc on your health.

7. Eugenol
This toxic fragrance is linked to cancer, allergies, immune and neurological system toxicity.


Cheers to going non-toxic! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or which one is your fav!!

peace & love…


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