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Aligning the Physical, the Emotional & the Energetic Bodies

Life Wellness With Jen

4 Week Detox for Optimal Healing

Why we focus on 3 key bodies for optimal health

It starts with your WHY………..What I’ve learned in this beautiful chaotic life is that there are no shortcuts to healing. You really have to dive deep. But even through the uncomfortable process, positive changes begin to unfold. 

Why do we focus on 3 key bodies? When we address the physical through nutrition and detoxing, progress is inevitable, but sometimes, we can hit a plateau. I know that it can be so frustrating when you know that you are making healthy choices.  The truth is, healing goes much deeper.  Without addressing our emotions and energy, we can feel stuck, repeat unhealthy choices as well as continue to manifest disease. 

Even after years as a holistic practitioner and following protocols of my own, I manifested cancer. This was a wake up call but more importantly, divine guidance to dive deeper. It was then that I started addressing my emotions and energy.

Life Wellness 4 week protocol...

Asking for support is a superpower

Trust in the guidance to dive deeper...

Healing is a journey that leads us to our highest calling....

Never would I have imagined that my journey through chronic illness and trauma would lead me to my greatest passion and calling. When we choose to NOT give up on ourselves and put ourselves first, the sky opens up.  Healing begins when we are at our most vulnerable state and when we are open to receive the support and guidance that we deserve we tap into our capacity for healing.

There is nothing that we go through that we cannot overcome but the shift happens when we are ready to address our deepest emotions and release what is holding us back.  I created this program through my own trial and error.  I have witnessed that beautiful changes that it has brought to so many and I’m so excited to share it with YOU!




let's dig into the details

I've laid it all out beautifully for you...

Life coaching

Emotional Body

In this module we introduce modalities for healing our inner child, releasing toxic belief systems and creating self care rituals that guide you to self love.  We always address at your comfort level ensuring progress rather than setbacks. This will be very freeing!!

Nutrition coaching

Physical Body

In this module we will address plant-based nutrition, sleep, hydration, detox pathways and gut health strategies for optimal improvement. We also address toxins that may be in your home or household products. 

This module includes a 28 day meal plan, detox and supplemental protocols. I’m here to support you every step of the way!

energy coaching

Energetic Body

This week we introduce energy healing which I get so excited about! Trauma and negativity not only impact our physical body but also impact our energy centers. I will work with you through Thetahealing® in releasing energy and beliefs that no longer serve. This will be a powerful week!!

3 Body alignment

Guidance Coaching

This week we are celebrating YOU and the beautiful progress you have made.  I get chills thinking about it! We will recap all that has been implemented and address any concerns or questions as well as modify any protocols for ongoing progress. 

Life wellness With Jen

28 Day Program

Embracing the process creates progress. Remember it took a lifetime to arrive at this moment. Giving ourselves grace in the process of healing while creating a life of self love and self care is magical. I am here to guide you with. I created the Life Wellness program with the physical, emotional and energetic bodies in mind. For optimal healing it is essential to bring these 3 into alignment.