The Boys Country Day


A month ago, my mother in law’s best friend invited us out to their friend’s little ranch in a town about 30 minutes away from us. It’s a gorgeous town and always makes a nice little escape for us to go visit occasionally.  We were a little hesitant to go just because we had no idea how the boys were going to respond to horses, and donkeys, etc.

They have never even those types of animals. They were also going through a mental leap that month.  If you are aware of mental leaps you know your child turns into a completely different crazy person during their leaps.  My boys are always super fussy during their leaps. On top of that, they got like hundred teeth all at once.  So, it was a FUN month!

We decided to venture out anyways! We ended up having the best time! The boys as well. We met my in laws out there. Everyone was so nice and was excited to meet the boy.  The boys loved getting to run around everywhere. They pet the donkey’s and feed them treats. They loved the horses as well.

Cameron walked right up to the fence while one of the horses walked up. I thought as the horse walked up to the fence, Cameron was going to freak out.  To my surprise he didn’t at all!  Their grandfather offered to take them to ride the horses. They loved it! They smiled and giggled the entire time. My father in law said they kept petting the horse main and babbling.

We later met my parents who live not too far from there at our favorite steak house. That was when the fussiness set in…. They didn’t want to eat anything. They wouldn’t sit in their seats, they kept grabbing everything they shouldn’t. They were super whiny. So of course, we had the slowest service ever and it felt like we were there for centuries. Luckily both sets of grandparents are wonderful, and we all took turns watching them run around on a back patio of the restaurant. In those irritating, children screaming moments I always remember “these days are fleeting.” A swipe of Valor on my chest and glass of wine is always a helping hand as well. Overall, we had a great day of watching the boys experience another first. We just might have a couple of cowboys on our hands.


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