Sp👀ky Treats 👻

I found these two “spooky” recipes that had our names all over them.  Both are a salty sweet combo. The first is “Ghost Pretzels” and the second is JL Garvin’s “Spooky Bark.” Both recipes originally use white almond bark but used Ghirardelli white vanilla flavored melting wafers and it is mind blowing people! I defiantly recommend using them!

Ghost Pretzels

What You Need: 

30 mini pretzels

10z. bag of Ghirardelli white vanilla flavored melting wafers

1 (.88oz/25g) pkg Wilton Candy Eyeballs Pretzels:






Line a baking sheet with wax paper, parchment paper, or a silicone baking mat. Set aside.

Melt the white chocolate wafers according to package

Immediately dip pretzels, one at a time, in the bowl, using a fork to turn the pretzel over. Shake off excess chocolate from the pretzel with the fork. Be sure to shake the chocolate out of the bottom hole, so it looks like an open mouth — screaming. Place chocolate dipped pretzels on the prepared baking sheet.

Immediately press two eyeballs into the top two holes for eyes — add a little extra chocolate if needed.

Allow pretzels to rest and harden. Place in freezer for 10 minutes to speed up the process. Peel pretzels off the baking sheet and enjoy!

Spooky Bark


What You Need:

1 Bag of Pretzel Sticks

1 Bag of White Popcorn

1-2 Bag of Ghirardelli white vanilla flavored melting wafers (depending on how spooky you want it). 

1 Package Candy Eye Balls

½ Bag of Rice Check Cereal


Layer pretzels on parchment paper

Drizzle with melted white chocolate

Layer rice of Chex

Drizzle melted white chocolate

Layer of popcorn

Drizzle the rest with white chocolate

Add candy eyeballs! 👀

Let it harden and enjoy! 👻


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