Carving Pumpkins

I’ve only carved pumpkins once in my life! My parents weren’t huge fans of Halloween, so it wasn’t something we did. But, it’s come to be a tradition I’ve wanted to have with my family. I for some reason really enjoy it! Especially roasting the seeds!

For it being the first time ever in their lives the boys seemed to understand we were carving pumpkins! James especially took to it. He is always watching us and trying to copy what we’re doing. He definitely tries to independent already. So once we gave him a scoop to dig out the filling of the pumpkin. He did just that!

Cameron enjoyed it for minutes at a time. But, really wanted to play with our dog Harley. Or my broom instead. He liked pulling the tops of the Jacks off and figuring out how to like them up to put them back on. Seeing their different personalities as they continue to grow has been one of my favorite things about having twins.

I can not believe we’re already starting to say goodbye to October and hello to November! I hope you all have been having a beautiful memory filled October! Who’s ready for Halloween?!  I hope you have been able to watch,  It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!! At least a billion and one times!

P.S. You can use Thieves Spray to make you Jacks last longer!!


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