Looking for the Great Pumpkin

I remember Robby and I always talking about all the fun holiday traditions we could wait to start when we had a family. Last year around the holidays the boys were still pretty small. We could not do much because either someone was crying, needed to nap, needed to eat or need to be changed. Those days were just a whirlwind of not be able to think of anything but survival. Hahaha. So we knew going out to the pumpkin patch last year was a no for us.

We were still nervous about going this year. Just not knowing if the boys would just be uncomfortable and cry the entire time. But, we know they really enjoy being out in the open and running around. So we went!

They loved it! My mom and sister met us out at the pumpkin patch. It’s always nice when family or friends join us because we get extra hands to wrangle them. They have tons activity for kiddos of all ages. We wanted to make sure the boys saw the animals in the petting zoo. They really enjoyed a lamb, chickens, and Cameron really liked a cow.


We rode a tracker trailer out to the pumpkin patch. When we got out on the patch the boys kept pointing at each pumpkin they could see and just wanted down. They would walk to each pumpkin and hold it for a little while. It was super cute.

We ended the visit  by picking out some pumpkins in a little market area they had. I loved the Heirloom Pumpkins and the white pumpkins. They had tiny pumpkins of all colors. The boys loved picking out the tiny pumpkins, and putting them in our cart. So we a little overboard on the pumpkins!

 I’d say our first ever visit to the pumpkin patch as a family of four was awesome. Hopefully next year we will find The Great Pumpkin!


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