Holiday Traditions

Is it just me or was it summer ten seconds ago and now were in the holiday season? I LOVE the holidays so I’m definitely not complaining. I’m even more excited this year since our boys are older.

They are still pretty young and don’t have the full grasp on the holidays. But, they definitely understand things a lot more than from last year when they were only six months old. Even at that age they really enjoyed opening their gifts.

I think the biggest thing on my mind has been traditions. We had a few in my family when I was growing up. On Christmas we usually had a big delicious Mexican food dinner at my grandma’s house. We got to open our presents from her that night, so that was always exciting. On our drive home my dad would drive us around neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights. After my grandmother passed away and we moved, things changed a bit. We started going to a Christmas Eve service at our church. My mom would make her delicious tamales for us to still have that big Mexican food feast.

As far my little family goes. We always make sure to watch all the Christmas movies. My husband watches Christmas Vacation at least a million times. I make sure to watch It’s A Wonderful Life at least one hundred and five times. We make Christmas cookies with my mother-in-law. We also visit a neighborhood in town that goes all out in decorations for Christmas. It’s something everyone in town does.

We usually go to Christmas Eve service at our church. Then we eat dinner on Christmas Eve with my husband’s family at his grandmother’s house.  My husband and I still drive and look at some lights in the neighborhood on our way home. My husband and I get up early on Christmas morning and exchange our gifts to each other. If we’ve actually waited long to do that. We both get so excited to give our gifts. It’s hard for us to wait. We usually have cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

Then we go to my mothers-in-law house to exchange gifts with them. Head back home to get ready, and pack. Then we head out of town to my parents’ house. We have our big Mexican food feast at my moms with my grandparents. Usually, my sisters and I change into our Christmas pjs and we end the night watching a Christmas movie or just talking.

So, those are our traditions so far. I hope to add making homemade cinnamon rolls for friends and neighbors to the list. When the boys get older, we want to make a tradition to volunteer at a rescue mission. 

I love the this time of the year and there is always so much I want to do! I put together my Christmas Bucket List which you guys can download and hang on your fridge, put as your screen saver or use them in social media stories! 


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