Easy Plate Enchiladas

This is something my mom always made that we all loved.  Now they are one of my husbands’ favorites.  I’m sure one day they will be my boys’ favorites too! This is a cheese enchilada, but you can add shredded chicken or ground beef if you have it on hand. It’s fast, easy, filling, and delicious!

1 can of red or green enchilada sauce (I prefer Hatch canned sauces)

Fried egg (optional)

Diced yellow onion

Shredded Mexican cheese

Corn tortillas

Start by counting out how many layers you and whoever you’re making this for want. We always do about three to four layers.

Line a plate with two paper towels to soak up excess oil.

Next add two tablespoons of canola oil to the pan. Heat oil for a few minutes.

Once the oil is warm, fry each corn tortilla for about two seconds on each side just to warm and soften them.

Once all tortillas are fried and excess oil is drained, begin to build layers.

Put tortilla on plate, add sauce and spread with a table size spoon.

Sprinkle cheese and onion and build each layer.

Put in microwave for a minute and thirty seconds or the until cheese is completely melted.

Add fried egg on top.



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