Back to the Grind

I hope you all had a great holiday and are now enjoying being back to the grind.  We feel like this is the first weekend in awhile that we have been able to just relax.  We had a great Christmas with our families.  It was so fun watching the boys understand the holidays a little more than they did last year. 

They loved learning the word “Santa” this year too! We did set up a photoshoot with Santa for our first ever family Christmas card.  James loved Santa as soon he saw him.  He ran straight to him, hugged him, read a book with him, brought him a prop present. Cameron on the other hand liked Santa in theory but not reality.  He said “Santa” about a million times a day but clung on to me as tight as he could when he saw Santa in the flesh.  Mine and Robby’s expectations were low for this whole photoshoot.  I just held out hope for at least one good family photo.  Luckily, we got one out of the two boys to be a little model for us, and if Santa hid behind the backdrop, we got a few with Cameron as well! Hahaha!

We spent almost every weakened with family and friends, baked cookies and did all the things holiday.  Before we knew it, it was a new year and we have been peeling ourselves out of bed trying to get back at it. Is it seriously still January?  Our big plans this year are to take our first ever big family trip to Colorado to watch Robby graduate with his master’s degree! We are so excited! I’ll be sharing more on that very soon!

We have been wanting our year to focus on our goals but also on giving back. We feel so blessed that we just hope to bless other around us.  Robby and I got to do that this month by donating and volunteering at our church with the organization Feed My Starving Children.  They feed children in different communities all over the world.  We spent two hours packing as many food packages as we could, with a group of people.  It was honestly some the most rewarding two hours I’ve ever spent.  Giving back feels so good and brings me the most joy. 

If you have the chance to spend even the smallest amount of time doing good for your community, I strongly recommend it.  If you can make a date out of it, that’s even better!  We hope to keep making this something we not only do this year but, in the years, to come.  Robby and I want volunteering to become our family’s tradition as the boys get older. 

I hope you all are enjoying the new year so far and are making fun vacation plans for the spring and summer!  Anyone have any big summer vacations planned??


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