Two Infinity & Beyond 🚀

Another year has gone by and my boys have turned two years old! This probably sounds dramatic but some days I really feel like it’s a dream that they are here.

I spent my whole life dreaming about what my kids would look like. How their personalities would be, if I’d have girls, boys, or multiples of each. The dreaming got worse when Robby I got married.

We talked about our future kids all the time.  We had no idea how hard our road to them was going to be. We would do it all over again if we had to.

They are twins but they couldn’t be more different. Their personalities have been very apparent to us since their time in the NICU.  James is always on the go, his brain working a million miles an hour. Cameron likes being in his own little world. Quiet and away from others. He is very good at entertaining himself!

They both have the biggest hearts and love each other the way only twins can.  It has been the best thing in the world being able to witness their minds and personalities grow this past year.  My husband and I want to always honor who they are as individuals.  And make amazing childhood memories for them.


They have brought so much joy and laughter into our lives.  I am so excited to see how much more this two grow in another year.

Happiest 2nd Birthday my boys!


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