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Why Reiki Energy......

I was guided to Reiki for my own healing benefits and through the experience I was guided to become a Certified Reiki Master. Reiki is also referred to as Universal Force of Love.  This is the energy of the Universe with the ability to connect us to a deeper state of consciousness allowing the capacity for healing. The Reiki practitioner is a conduit of Source energy allowing the flow of healing energy to our Chakras or energy centers.  This process aligns us with Source light and Mother Gaia unlocking the door to vitality of life. Reiki can be sent to humans, animals, plants and even objects.  Our belief and openness is essential when committing to a session.  I believe that if you are reading this, then you have been guided to dive deeper into your self care practices for the sole purpose of fulfilling your highest calling.  I am deeply honored to supposed you on your journey. 

Benefits of Reiki


Energy Align Session + $155

Energy plays a key in optimal wellness. We hold past traumas and negative experiences in our energy centers. This impacts our body at a cellular level.

It is essential that we consider this healing modality to bring our Chakras into alignment and release non-serving energy.

In this 60 minutes session you will experience the healing benefits of Reiki + 1:1 Spiritual guidance to expand your self awareness. I am honored to support you on your healing journey.


Energy Align - 3 Session Package + $444

This 3 session package will allow your energetic body to move to a deeper level of healing.